DESPLANS: the first online gallery dedicated to architecture

The newly launched DESPLANS offers the chance to acquire genuine works by architects that have until now remained confidential and unavailable to the public. A world away from lifeless blueprints and hastily drawn sketches, the work on show at Desplans ranges from plans, models, and drawings, to watercolours, collages and photographs.

Offering experimental visions of the habitat and the city of tomorrow, these creations document not completed structures, but rather abstract and stylized preparatory work. With around fifty works visible in its online gallery, and prices starting at 95 euros, Desplans looks to democratize architecture by putting this discipline within the public’s reach.

Framed, mounted, or loose, the works on sale at are produced in series consisting of between 30 to 100 editions. A number of different formats (from A4 to A0) and framing options (natural oak, brushed black aluminium, acrylic plates) are available.

The projects featured are highly diverse, ranging from a proposal for the Guggenheim Helsinki to a memorial to the victims of the Holocaust, the Museum of Natural History in Milan to the Acne Studios boutique in Paris, as well as marketplaces and concert halls. Other works mix architecture with disciplines such as urbanism and design.

Only 5% of architectural projects are constructed; Desplans seeks to explore the other 95%. Desplans has so far brought together a collective of around twenty contemporary architects, most of whom live and work in France or Sweden.

Laurent de Carnière, the Gramme agency, Johan Dehlin and Andreas Bozarth Fornell are just some of the contributors to the gallery. The architects featured on Desplans work with the architectural agencies that are shaping the cities of tomorrow and already making their presence felt today. Despite their diverse practices, all our architects share a keen engagement in the preliminary creative and intellectual processes of each project. Their drawings, paintings and photographs are veritable works of art in their own right – preparatory sketches for great architectural projects to come.

Desplans is run by Albane Cartier-Bresson in Paris and architects Guillaume Dubois and Jérôme Malpel in Stockholm. “We created Desplans gallery as a response to the high-quality production of architectural drawings that we were seeing in contemporary architecture. Today, these documents tend not to be presented to the public, yet they represent a major art form.”





Info and images courtesy of DESPLANS

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