DZHUS AW19: The architectonics of physicality as a triumph of function and synergy

DZHUS‘ AW19 ‘CORPUS‘ collection is dedicated to anatomy as the starting point for DZHUS’ design. The architectonics of physicality as a triumph of function and synergy – this concept has incarnated in the complex transformable structures, resembling exoskeletons. Mutating in multiple ways and interacting with each other, they constantly evolve, generating countless existences. As a material body is an exquisite mechanism, driven by the phenomenal life energy, the technological morphology of DZHUS clothing is inseparable with the one-of-a-kind essence of its possessor.

The collection is saturated with rhythmical textures and innovative patternmaking ideas. Not only is the DZHUS AW19 capsule warm and comfortable, but it meets the high standards of ethical and sustainable production: traditionally, the brand used cruelty-free materials, and for the quilted garments they opted for eco-friendly hemp insulation, engineered by DevoHome.

Designer Irina Dzhus states that corporeal is not an antipode to spiritual, but an essential medium for exploring ourselves. Her creations prove that considerate approach to consumption does not limit the experience but only enriches it.

Design and info © DZHUS

Images © Pymin Davidov

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