Elixir Bunn’s ‘Deco Temple’ takes coffee seekers into a modern day spiritual-like experience

Famous Saudi coffee roasters Elixir Bunn opened their new location in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), designed by AZAZ Architects. After building a strong reputation for their coffee, it was time to build an atmosphere to complement their famous drinks. Coffee in Saudi Arabia is well-rooted into the local culture and could be traced back to times prior to the formation of the kingdom.

Since then, coffee in the region has evolved, and today, the coffee industry in Saudi Arabia is flourishing. To match that progression, AZAZ Architects created the space as a Deco Temple to take coffee seekers into a modern day spiritual-like experience. The structural column in the center of the space created a challenge for the designers. However, the team at AZAZ Architects embraced it, transforming it into the center point of its design. New walls blossomed from the column, shaped into massive overreaching arches.

The shape of the historic Islamic arches combined with the mud finishing contributed to the feel of local sanctity. After all, the coffee shop is a Saudi brand and the space certainly reflects that. Nonetheless, the shop has a modern edge to it thanks to metropolitan touches such as the use of sustainable Italian terrazzo for the floor and the deep blue spiral staircase. The new Elixir Bunn shop has become a landmark among the fast growing coffee shop industry in Saudi Arabia.

Design and info © AZAZ Architects

Images © Abdulrahman Bayshout and Rakan Alzughaib

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