Embracing Touch by Marija Puipaite

Marija Puipaite: ‘Embracing Touch is a project about designer’s relation with the works and designer’s presence in them. Within our works we give away part of ourselves. We give our intimacy for using. Design is a matter, tangible and desirable, that carries meaning in itself, in its body. It’s what you understand and experience through physicality. It’s like a garment that you can try on, see how it looks on you. The same way you project yourself through someone else. So behind the matter stands a designer. Do we think how much intimacy, personality he or she leaves in the design? Would it change our perception meeting the author; facing the fact that a designer is a physical body, made from flesh and blood, having certain physiology, certain volume, smell, breath? Does it create intimate relation with the user? And does this intimacy attract or repel?’




Info and images © Marija Puipaite

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