Enjoy Concrete HQ’s facade reflects the surrounding nature

Enjoy Concrete produces and installs architectural prefabricated concrete elements. The brief for their new corporate building was to combine a production hanger together with offices, while integrating their own product within the building. Being on a strategic point in between an industrial estate and a green canal, they wanted to be seen by the passing traffic, as well as to become a transition from green to industrial.

The design of their headquarters by Govaert & Vanhoutte Architects in Veurne, Belgium became a true showcase for their own capabilities, being constructed entirely out of prefabricated concrete elements. Its facade are made out of concrete slabs of 6 by 3 meters. All windows share these same proportions.

The building mainly consists out of a hall for production and storage. The office spaces are in front of the building, spread over 4 levels, allowing light and visibility onto the main road. A cantilevered volume (12m50 in total) containing the board room is located at the top corner of the building. This box also shares the same 6×3 meters proportion. The long volume was made out of a lighter steel structure, allowing large windows on the south west façade. The steel structure is internally anchored into the concrete staircase, creating a counter weight for the long cantilever. Inside the boardroom a solid steel table stands only on 2 legs, having an over span of 7m50.

The facade is further characterized by a pattern image, of the beautiful treeline along the canal “Damse Vaart” on the prefab slabs through the application of the “Graphic Concrete” procedure. The digital image was broken down into big dots, making the total picture become clear only from a distance. The facade creates an interesting interaction between the building and its surroundings, as the building reflects the nature across the street and canal.

In essence, Enjoy Concrete’s HQ is one big concrete block. The floating boardroom functions as an eye catcher for the approaching traffic, and also breaks the simple volume. The print of the treeline blends the concrete mass into the green surroundings.








Design and info © Govaert & Vanhoutte Architects

Images © Tim Van De Velde

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