F-House by Yukio Hashimoto

Designed by Japanese architect Yukio Hashimoto, F-House is a two-story residence in Gion whose front wall appears to have been folded down like the corner of a piece of paper. 

“Like pure white paper, this building’s facade has a small crease which brings forth images of origami. The simple fold is intended to provide buoyance to the simple wall surface which would otherwise seem closed and weighty.” – Yukio Hashimoto 

“Traditional Japanese homes often hide an inner garden within. These inner gardens are an in-between space that is indoors and yet outdoors. Those dwellings inside these homes can feel light and darkness, rain and snow while inside their own home.”  – Yukio Hashimoto

“This residence has a simple and modern structure but its essence is in passing on architectural space that is traditional to Japan.” – Yukio Hashimoto

Info and images © Yukio Hashimoto

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