Gareth Pugh’s Autumn Winter 2014

Now Fashion: “This white-out collection was an amalgamation of all of the codes the designer has used over the years to build his brand, set in shades of white and silver and accented in all manners of plastic.”

“I wanted this collection to be a little more unconscious, then maybe trying to go with the whole ‘this season’s about gypsies’ thing,” explained Pugh backstage after his show. “So they are kind of ideas that I have always sort of had in the corner of my eye but I never really thought were appropriate to do.  You know that whole thing about self editing, that sometimes can cut you out. So this season was about removing any kind of reference and having a bit of fun.”

“And it was true that this collection of stiff high collared fur coats, sculptural dresses and plastic tab, embellished outerwear wasn’t a derivative of any person, place or time. It was just Pugh out there all on his own, no artifice, doing what he does best. That is to say, creating statement clothing like flowing dresses crafted from plastic trash bags, thigh-high stiff silver, wader boots worn with matching shorts and raw fur pelt dresses that were all ready for their glossy magazine close-ups.”















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