Geometrical Vegan Popsicles by The Science Kitchen

The Science Kitchen is a Berlin based food lab where science meets haute cuisine. Food designer, David Marx, who is the founder and creative head of the lab, created the ‘KYL21’ popsicle, an eye-catching, vegan and lactose-free popsicle that comes in precisely sculpted geometric shapes.

At The Science Kitchen, they believe that  future food and eating will increasingly become a lifestyle experience offered by (fashion) brands and their on- and offline flagship stores who, by doing so, add highly emotional products to their existing portfolios. They want to help invent, create, design and manufacture, these products drawing from their strengths of understanding brands and design as well as the food industry. Their joint aim is to make the future of food better, healthier, more beautiful and functional (again).





Info and images The Science Kitchen and ‘KYL21’ popsicle

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