Haus am Stürcherwald is inspired by traditional agricultural houses

Haus am Stürcherwald is situated 1000 meters above sea level in the Vorarlberger village, Laterns in Austria. Its plot was considered unsuitable because of being a remaining area in between a street section. To profit from the fantastic view and reduce the impact on the land to a minimum the house designed by Bernardo Bader Architekten is positioned at the very edge of the site and drafted in a compact, elongated form.

The design of the house is based on the traditional archetype of agricultural houses and the typical Walserhouse. The gabled roof and the strict structured wooden facade are representing elements of the present.

The space allocation plan is organised on two floors. At the entrance level there is an open kitchen – living area. The tight layout and the strict organisation of the floor plan enable the maximum access of natural light on the main floor. The private rooms are situated on the top floor. They are defined by white coated walls with a fine grained loam rendering.

Some parts of the living area are reaching out to the rooftop where open galleries connect the main floor with top floor. The outer skin of the house is made of rough sawn larch slats in different widths. The inner construction is made of the same wood, but in a planed and sanded implementation.

At a first sight, Haus am Stürcherwald seems to be unspectacular, but it is a convincing proof of the reactivation of traditional building types without using any clichés of a classical land and forest house. It is a cultural achievement that shows as well the context of the present time. At a closer inspection, it discloses the subtle intervention.






Design and info © Bernardo Bader Architekten

Images © Gustav Willeit

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