Houndstooth Coffee & Jettison Cocktail Bar: a day to night concept

The design for the Houndstooth Coffee and the Jettison Cocktail Bar in Dallas, Texas was driven by their duality of function and shared connection. OFFICIAL developed the elemental concept of day to night with Houndstooth filling the larger sunlit space and Jettison occupying the intimate back corner and implemented it as a solid/void composition. Connected by a corridor with sliding doors on either end, the spaces operate independently or together. The architects developed an island bar below a floating wood clad volume that they named the cloud.

The high ceilings create openness in the coffee shop and the cloud serves as a focal point, drawing the eyes up while balancing the space and concealing the mechanical system. Jettison inverts the cloud design with a lowered ceiling and a central void looking into the painted gold trusses that have the character of a chandelier. Walnut and greys establish a speakeasy quality while the curtain along the exterior wall softens the space and encourages conversations inward.

The patio along Sylvan Avenue has a cedar screen with a Houndstooth supergraphic that creates visual identity along the busy street. The screen controls the western sun while filling the seating area with dynamic afternoon shadows and shields guests from the road. OFFICIAL designed and fabricated the small café tables and wall mounted arm lights for the space while engaging other Texas designers for additional furnishings.








Design and info © OFFICIAL

Images © Mark Leveno and Robert Yu

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