ÎLE flottante: Imaculatura new collection

Imaculatura launches ÎLE flottante, a four piece accessories collection. The set contains a wedding band, a bracelet, earrings and a necklace, all made of 22 K gold plated silver. ÎLE flottante is a relaxed meditation about private islands obtained through work (MESERIE, bracelet), sentimental or financial bankruptcy (NOD ÎN GÂT, necklace), burdensome marriages (SISIF, wedding band) and a delicate inner voice (MAR ADENTRO, earrings). The four pieces take a fun, and at the same time, serious look at the little drama of isolation. No matter how separated we feel, something connects us all. Wealth, love, vacation. Or our own voice.













Photography: Roald Aron
Make-up: Mirela Constantin
Model: Simona Giura

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