IMACULATURA’s latest exhibition creates visual, functional and ritual lines

“Lines and belts”, IMACULATURA’s latest exhibition, creates visual, functional, ritual lines. Associates, compares, alternates drawn and sewn lines. Attempts going to complex places by using simple tools.

Lines can be boring if you’re a boring adult. But even boring adults scribble. When you scribble, the line goes free because you don’t care if it’s straight or crooked, beautiful or ugly, functional or aesthetic. That line you sketch could be a horse, a mountain, a sea. A jumping rope, a sleeve, a karate belt. That line could be a belt. – Imaculatura

‘We wished for something simple. It became complicated. We started a year ago in June. You’d think it doesn’t take that much to draw some lines, sew some belt. You’d think. The process extended, the pieces changed a lot over that year and a second layer, an additional discourse glued itself to the initial task of drawing some lines, sewing some belts. As the project went further, there was this question: what’s the point of having an opening? Does it bore people to death? This is how an important piece of the show came to be: the life size projection of a girl taking part in the event. She simply stands there, next to all the drawings and objects, seeming either uncomfortable or bored. Of course, what we intend is the opposite.’ – Imaculatura

The exhibition is opened in Bucharest till the 18th of June. Film: “Attending a vernissage” with Oana Tudoran.

Imaculatura creates hybrid, surprising, sometimes functional, artistical objects, neglects the imaginary boundaries set to separate domains, is only concerned with personal, sentimental, emotional truth.






Info courtesy of Imaculatura

Images © Roald Aron (exhibition photos) and Raluca Mărgescu (model photos)

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