INCH Hairstudio by Inne Design

Frame Magazine: “Shielded from the grimy clutter of the coty centre by Royal Palace Park, Oslo’s Majorstuen neighbourhood features a trendy retail area that rivals the shopping streets of larger European metropolises in terms of grandeur and style. Boutique bars selling limited-run microbrewery beverages rub elbows with vibrant Scandinavian design outlets such as Hay and Acne. Stores and cafes bubbling with bold, youthful verve apparently please even the more conservative passers-by, who find both old and new in an eye-catching hair salon that recently splashed onto this attractive inner-city canvas.”

“The Inch Hairstudio, whose interior is the work of Inne Design, ushers visitors into a relaxing space that gives classic design a contemporary, avant-garde edge. Floors of bare concrete mingle with marble-topped counters and button-tufted seating in an environment that doesn’t shy away from explosions of primary colour used to good effect. If, as the designers assure, their aim was “to create an urban feeling that is vitalizing and new”, they have achieved what they set out to do. Mix a pinch of Brooklyn barber’s pole with a dash of spa chic, stir well, and you get Inch.”




Info © Frame Magazine

Images © Inne Design

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