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A crossing border Dome Theatre
Crossing border is a combination of disciplines that can reinforce each other, resulting in an integrated model. The “Infoversum“ (Infoverse) is an exceptional task. The initiator, Edwin A. Valentijn, has involved the combination of the architecture firm ARCHIVIEW, Centraalstaal Groningen, and Vuyk Engineering Groningen at an early stage in the process.

This combination had just completed a study on the integration of ship building methodology into the construction process. A switch in mentality with a large diversity in possibilities. The combination of shell and structure, through the form of strips of shapes, complex surface modelling, and the finish of the shell plating, offered / offer new and infinite possibilities for the architecture. 3D stacking became 3D design. Each commission is considered to be a unique question. In this case, it was possible to convert this question into a unique, yet flexible concept that included all contemporary characteristics and wishes.

In concert with the client, an architectural vision was developed, which relates to location, client, schedule of requirements, and the tension between mass and material. It is a complex undertaking that, strengthened by its consistency in diversity, volume, and appearance, meets the wishes of the client, yet makes a clear stand in its architecture that fluidly transitions into, and reinforces, the existing structure. Consequently, the building has become an inspiring tool in the design of diverse activities. This aspect surfaces in the organisation and functional setup of the specific areas, as well as the choice of materials in relationship to use. In the concurrently evolving schedule of requirements, which served as a guideline, the daily reality has been translated into the perception of the building by means of themes and associations. The character, relative to freedom, provides a sensory and physical experience in which light, relative to spaciousness, plays an important role. Considerable attention has been devoted to the transitions, relationships, light, routing, and the manner in which we take these into account from the perspective of the user and the schedule. By continuously searching for coherence, clarity, and transparency, but above all for consistency, in a simplifying and designing manner, we create an abstraction that provides the viewer with an opportunity for interpretation. A carefully designed space or building does not impose itself, but acts a mirror for emotions that can be viewed and experienced in many ways and that consequently remains dynamic through time. This resulted in a flexible system, which conceptually matched the philosophy and challenge of the architecture and client.

The dome is the basis for the design; the heart of the building and carrier of the dynamic. Analysis into size and slope of the projection dome proved to be a constant test for the organisation and perception of the building. Through intensive collaboration, the schedule, design, and technology have been integrally applied up to the highest optimisation of the possibilities. With as a last check, a 3D walkthrough through the building in the visualisation centre. This has yielded a state-of-the-art, innovative, trendsetting, and inspiring Infoverse.

The dome is the centre, the metal eyeball, of the design. The Corten steel eye socket (shell) envelops the dome. The shell and the dome do not touch. The openings allow the light to meander through the space. The shell rejuvenates the front and provides an opening for the entrance to the Infoverse. We enter the Infowave, a digital presentation room. A visual experience room. Via a ramp, we access the Infodome, located at a higher level. It is a digital theatre for optimal crossing-border activities. The Infodome provides access to the lobby. The lobby is a three-way intersection leading to the exit, the ramp down, and the Inforoof. The Inforoof is a second ground level for outdoor events. Via the ramp, you can leave the Infoverse or enter the lobby. As such, movement (routing) has been optimised.




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