Irreverent by moft

moft’s ceramics project ‘Irreverent’¹ challenges the search for perfection and efficiency in the contemporary society while working in close contact with local craftsmen and makers. All in all come as a response to the way convenience and conformity have become goals and ‘lifestyle’ has replaced life leading to a gradual and insidious ‘de-texturisation’ of the home. The design concept offers a functional product with different uses for everyday life while keeping a sense of humour and inviting the user to interact differently with a common object. Flaws are regarded as the center focus and as decoration; underlined chromatically. The rough and smooth porcelain textures are used to give the user a complete guide of usage and a perfectly satisfactory experience.

For the full experience PLAY the ‘Irreverent’ concept video and ‘please, take care not to get wet.’

¹ir·rev·er·ent (ĭ-rĕv′ər-ənt); adj.  | 1. Lacking or exhibiting a lack of reverence; disrespectful. 2. Critical of what is generally accepted or respected; satirical: irreverent humor.




moft is a design initiative that promotes relaxed attitudes and opinions about things, interiors, and architecture, delivering a usable product whether it’s a service or an object with nuances and meaning.

‘Ireverent’ video credits:

video: Codruţ Sebastian Neguţ

character: Grațiela Brâncuşi

make-up: Mirela Constantin

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