JR’s #WomenAreHeroes in Le Havre

The 363 meter long ship left the Port of le Havre, France to cross the world all the way to Malaysia In 2007, JR started Women Are Heroes. To pay tribute to those who play an essential role in society, but who are the primary victims of war, crime, rape or political and religious fanaticism, he pasted portraits and eyes of women on a train in Kenya, a Favela in Brazil, a demolished house in Cambodia. They gave their trust and they asked for a single promise make his story travel. He did it: on the bridges of Paris and the walls of Phnom Penh, the building of New York, etc. He wanted to finish Women Are Heroes with a ship leaving a port, with a huge image which would look microscopic after a few minutes, with the idea of these women who stay in their villages and face difficulties in the regions torn by wars and poverty facing the infinity of the ocean. It did not happen at the time But during 10 days, JR and his team pasted 2600 strips of paper on the containers with the dockers of the port.









Info and images © JR

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