KC Design Studio mix rustic and modern in Taipei apartment

In order to gratify the modern concept of form follows function, KC Design Studio have tried to remove the fancy and decorative coats and layers of this Taipei apartment and restore the original, in a simple and unsophisticated space structure. The task for the architects was to blend the lifestyle of the owner into the 185-square meter space. Based on the rectangular pattern of the house which carried a certain kind of limitation, they proposed to design its traffic flow by applying the concept of a rather flexible structure instead of employing the traditional shape of branching units. As a result, they created an interesting sense of multi-level within the space and a smoother traffic flow, plus more convenient and efficient paths.

Considering that the owner preferred a separated rooms distribution, the architects proposed a space division when designing the plan. They divided it into two circles, one being private, and the other relatively public. The idea behind the private sphere was to achieve maximum space usage, so that it can be employed as a single big room or as various independent entities at the same time, without any potential disturbances. The private area includes a gym, a dressing room, a bathroom, and the main bedroom. As for the public circle, being inspired by the perception of human relationships, it includes the spaces of living and dining room together with a light/food corner so that the interactions between family members can be increased.

Through dislodging the unnecessary cladding for the ceiling, the transformed space gives a higher and wider impression on both visual and physical plans. In addition to taking the lighting into account, the task the architects carefully considered was how the new ceiling design matched the original floor slabs, beams and columns. In this process, they have used a folded plate structure. Profiting from the huge elevation difference between the slabs and the beams, they were thus able to highlight the unique style of the folded plates by harnessing the ones that cut across and separate the private space into many individual partitions at different heights and angles with extensive lengths and diverse breadths. KC Design Studio have also chosen to construct the floor by using the mosaic parquet method whose rustic display integrates three interweaving iron nets with different densities into rectangular folded plates.

The space mixes both rural rustic mosaic parquets and wood textures with urban (industrial) features like steel and iron materials and glass partitions which is precisely the combination the owner of the house aspired to.











Design, info and images courtesy of KC Design Studio



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