Le Banc de neige recreates snowbanks left over from winter storms

For a summer, Le Banc de Neige by Atelier Pierre Thibault recreated the magical snowbanks left over from Quebec’s winter storms. At once a platform and a public bench, the ephemeral installation modified the user’s relation to the public space by allowing a multitude of appropriations. As it draped around the tree trunks and street lamps of the Place de Bordeaux with a luminous white, it magnified these elements of the everyday while providing seating platforms for the pétanque court.

These multiple bases were generated by a series of topographical contours alluding to architectural representation. Passers-by were invited to settle in and take break by contemplating the urban landscape of St. Paul Street, while the most adventurous climbed the snowbank to hide in the dense foliage of trees, sheltered from the street.

The project was built commissioned by Quebec City street art festival Passages Insolites. It was one a of a dozen art installations in the heart of the historic center. Moreover, it was conceived to be a public infrastructure to display the potential of inviting urban design. Le Banc de Neige was made from thin painted plywood curved to obtain the wavering extrusions. It was built to last for the summer of 2016.








Design and info © Atelier Pierre Thibault

Images © Maxime Brouillet

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