Lifestyle: fitness in a space with visionary design by Laboratorul de Arhitectura

Laboratorul de Arhitectură, the architecture office from Bucharest, Romania signs the design and execution of a fitness studio based on electrical muscle stimulation, a future international franchise, described through minimalism, comfort, visionary design and efficiency.

The starting point of the franchise project was the creation of a pilot studio, with a surface of 70 sqm. The fitness studio uses exclusive programs of training, EMS1 type. The basic concept proposes a reduced surface, from which translates the necessity of an efficient thinking where the main functional elements go along in a fluent approach with the interior design pieces. The space was designed in a flexible manner, thus can be replicated in any rectangular surface of 70 sqm.

The design project outlines an eye-catching mix of organic shapes, in a clean minimalistic appearance, combinations of natural elements such as wood, stone, plants together with high tech materials, such as epoxy resin or Corian®. In straight relationship with the client’s focus on customer support to create a high service in an attractive environment, the interior design reflects the same standards. The studio is divided in three spaces: reception – with bar and lounge, workout area and refreshment area (locker rooms, make-up room, shower and toilet). Each of these spaces is conceived to create a comfortable atmosphere with attention to details, quality and design. The furniture is entirely custom made, modular, designed from the beginning to be easily assembled, disassembled and transported in any future location.

An important highlight was the mixture of soffits with indirect, warm lights, standing out through blending details which give sensations of floating, space and vitality. The shades used for this project are white, grey and turquoise, the last being the splash of color found in specific key elements such as lights, furniture pieces like costume stander, lockers, make-up room shelves.

Reception – positioned at the entrance, this space is conceived as a singular furniture piece that unites the welcome desk with the bar and the lounge area. This evolves having in background lamellar beech wood sections digitally fabricated through parametric design that are describing fluid irregular forms. The sections’ game illusion has definitory points of height and depth, being drawn up correlative with the human body shape. The reception piece in white shiny MDF transforms it in a waiting area. The sitting elements are designed as well from beech wood, the main natural material of this project. Indoor plants are choosen as design accesories, but in the same time it creates a boost at an energetic level: inspires ideas, improves health, lifts moods and makes the clients happy and the employees productive by changing their state of mind.

The workout area – represents the second key element of the fitness studio. This highlights the same type of curves as the frontal wall, designed from a transparent material, on a contrasting background printed with motivational words. The refreshment area (locker rooms, make- up room, showers, and toilets). Is the relaxation point after workout, defined through materials that suggest the same feeling: natural stone (travertin); clean shiny floors from epoxy raisin, choosen for its high aestethical standards, quality, endurance, with a soft cleaning process and decontamination; white sanitary pieces in futuristic shapes.


Info and images courtesy of Laboratorul de Arhitectura

Photo credit © Cosmin Dragomir

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