Light Installations by Heathfield & Co

Heathfield & Co’s stunning new range of installation designs can be fully customized to each project’s exact requirements. 

Above: Light Speed – This design uses blown glass tubes, lit from within, to create a dynamic, fast-moving effect. This design can be configured for small and large spaces depending on the number of glass elements. Ideal as a strong focal point for entrance areas, lobbies, and foyers.

Cloud – The asymmetrical glowing forms of this design take inspiration from storm clouds. They are formed from acrylic sheet that dispersed the light from within, and can be suspended individually or in groups for a dreamy atmosphere.

Drum – This series of shades join together to form a ring that creates a soft, ambient glow. Custom made it is available in a range of diameters and fabrics.

Weave – Polished steel tubes weave in and out of each other throwing out striking waves of light. Suspended and illuminated from above by bright spots that highlight the polished metal surfaces.

Finale – This energetic design takes inspiration from fireworks. Formed from curved Boracillicate glass elements, these glass tube chandeliers can be hung individually or in interconnecting groups, giving a wow factor to already impressive spaces.

Range – The range installation design takes on a dramatic form reminiscent of a mountain scape. Formed from aluminium cones of varying sizes they suspend individually, forming a group of pendant lights that illuminate the space below.

Flutter – Ceramic petals link together to form a geometric pattern. A ring of light illuminates the centre, casting leaf-like shadows around the room.

Plume – A plume of golden feathers take a stunning form in this design as if fallen from above and settled in mid air. The feathers are individually cast, suspended and lit from with spotlights, highlighting their textured surfaces. Available in a range of finishes including black and silver.

Lantern – Cubes combine to form bold illuminated columns. The design can be suspended vertically or horizontally in grid like arrangements. Available in a variety of finishes from antique bronze to chrome.

Wave – Wave shaped lampshades come together in this design, flowing across the ceiling to create a dynamic lighting feature.

Raincloud – Lit from above these silvered glass drops appear to run down a thread catching the light in their mirror-like finish. Each drop is hand blown in glass to a different size.

Bangle – Geometric structures interlock and suspend around points of light, casting a series of shadows around the space. From small groups to large scale installations, this design is scalable to suite any space.

Mobile – Hoops of polished steel and spheres of glass link together, forming a bubble-like structure that floats above a bar area.

Column – These luxurious designs feature elegant columns of glass.

 Flute – This stunning contemporary chandelier design features curling glass tubes.

 Info and images © Heathfield & Co’s

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