MANIFEST – exoskeleton leather structures by Alexandra Abraham

Manifest is a project about power, desire, tremor and unknown. A bildungsroman, in which the character`s movement is transformed in ritual and the body becomes a thrill through the blend of skin, muscles and bones. It`s a carnal fight for survival and mesmerising in its own ego, won by the vulnerable entity. The exoskeleton leather structures point out, through their complex cuts, chapters of the line.

Alexandra Abraham is a leather accessories designer based in Romania, with degrees in both Architecture and Fashion Design. The idea of equilibrium is an aim to be reached through her designs as she interprets the harness as an ally to the clothes that outline the feminine silhouette. The accessory has the main to empower the woman with strength and confidence when in loss through the lattice of self reinventing.











Photography: Vlad Bîrdu

Model: Irina Strungăreanu

Text: Ovidiu Mihai Condrea

Makeup&Hairstyle: Diana Ionescu

Makeup&Hairstyle Assistant: Mirela Degeratu

Post-Production: Ionuț Popescu

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