Mar Adentro Hotel: a Medina that opens out onto the sea

The Mar Adentro Hotel by Miguel Angel Aragonés is a kind of Medina that opens out onto the sea. Each floating volume contains interiors that form, in turn, independent universes. Each room visually contains a piece of the sea. Each room was built in a factory and sent in boxes across the sea to its destination where it was assembled on site by local hands. In a question of days the first room was ready, of a quality subject to the tyranny of a machine and the wisdom of hands dedicated over the course of a lifetime to construction. The project was constructed entirely through this process, employing a module whose versatility allows it to be divided or added onto, thus becoming autonomous or dependent on another structure. The main module, for example, is a kind of loft divided in half in order to create two rooms, as simple as that. In summary, the module is a two-, three-, or four-bedroom apartment; a house can be formed by adding on two or four more modules.















Design and info © Miguel Angel Aragonés

Images © Joe Fletcher

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