Marla Marchant 3D printed woven high heels

Since the costs are extremely high, this collection by Marla Marchant could not be completely made. She decided to conclude her master’s project with a digital representation and keep working on them as a personal process with the collaboration of Eichenberger.

The design process started by developing experimental pieces, conniving traditional footwear, weaved patterns and 3d printing.
The aesthetic enhances the weightlessness of female body, creating the illusion of hanging from a net, tying the feet down and bearing the netting into a three dimensionality. It pursues long and thin shapes while the body’s expression plays to be restricted, appearing fragile and instable from a podium that empowers it.

Craftsmanship embodies the hand and mind of the people who create it. It is a testimony to the beauty and inheritance of the traditions, being one of the duties that still remain with its distinguishing trait of being passed down through familial generations.

Nowadays, the caliber of quality and details in traditional handcrafting is rarely seen. Within industrialization and mass production, craftsmanship has been less appreciated and its quality and details have deteriorated. This approach rejects the uniformity and repetitivness of mass production, where the imperfection of the craft process is usually thought of as a failure.

Accordingly, weaving is the main theme of this collection, where craftsmanship has been rethought. Creating a contemporary image that invites us to visit the past in order to glimpse the future has been achieved by modernizing traditional techniques and accessing the latest technologies.










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