Masquespacio redesigns Valencia Lounge Hostel with a contemporary touch

Masquespacio‘s intervention at the Valencia Lounge Hostel started with a study of the building’s previous status, that featured typical elements from the Valencian homes of the 20th century with its vintage cement tiles and ceilings decorated with plaster molds that had been maintained without modifications. On the other hand, the aim of the design was to convert the hostel in a more contemporary space with a kind of a ‘home coziness’, adding decorative elements that could draw attention of different customers and their lifestyle.

Therefore, each room was designed with a different look, that could adapt to the personality of each inhabitant. Thus, they created rooms for surf fans, music fans or ethnic trend enthusiasts. Another aspect worth highlighting is the use of graphic patterns throughout the whole project, designed by the Spanish creative consultancy for the hostel. Along with the purpose of bringing up a major personalized identity for the project all lamps, tables and decorative elements were designed exclusively by Masquespacio, with exception of the chairs and armchairs.














Design and info © Masquespacio

Images © Luis Beltran

Read our exclusive Q&A with Masquespacio here.

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