Mosbrew’s new brand space creates the perfect balance between art and function

Moscow Brewing Company has launched a new brand space that includes a tasting room, company store and lounge zone, located on the vast brewery grounds in Moscow.

The purpose of the project by FORM Bureau was to create the perfect balance between art and function. The space was previously used for the project Brewhouse — a platform that provided young street artists with the venue for displaying their work. As a part of the new project, fragments of the artworks have been preserved on the walls. They have an influence on zoning scenarios and the design of individual elements. 

The entrance area is characterized by bold formal compositions that draw on the symbolism and aesthetics of the company. Custom designed elements echo industrial machinery: there are a steel tasting ‘tank’ bar stands, massive pipe–shaped lamps and benches that resemble huge wire spools. With these round-shaped forms and bold colors the architects have also paid homage to the 1980s product design. The choice of materials was influenced by distillery rooms — there are concrete floors, industrial lighting and large metal elements.

The brand space complements a new kind of factory; before reaching the heart of the plant, the visitor is able to experience the spirit and openness of today’s brewing industry.

Design and info © FORM Bureau

Images © Ilya Ivanov

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