Night Flight by Studio MODE

Studio MODE: “NIGHT FLIGHT is a live music club that spreads on 1000 sq. m. Our design was inspired by its name. We re-created the notion of a midnight walk/ flight under a starry sky. We situated the stage in the center of the space in order to achieve 360º contact with the audience. The seating is arranged in three tiers + one balcony. We created a boudoir for the VIP tier that overlooks the main hall.”

“We had to unite function with aesthetics. We set up the night scenery by using the binding effect of sound isolation – adding extra depth to the walls and absorbing all light reflections. The glittering of stars was represented by a luminous web – a spherical surface that enhances the central perspective. Mirror reflections were used by reason of multiplication and modification of the space proportions.”

“Our main ambition (in which we succeeded) was to use suggestion, to manipulate the propositions in order to evoke a precisely formulated effect – fairy-tale/fabulous ambiance; complexity of perception/comprehension. Emphasizing on detail, enriching it, following the concept to a greater depth resulted in multi-layer experience. Other than that, an essential part of our work was to create a unique identity, a distinguished “label”.”
















Info and images © Studio MODE

Story idea submitted by Adriana Sanislav

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