Noemi Klein Jewelry

Noemi Klein has fused craft, artisanal workmanship and her unique minds eye to create objects of great subtlety but with a sincere pronouncement of desire. Originally from the West German countryside, Noemi began working as a jeweller in East London in the early 2000s. She first started designing and working with metal after being given a cast off piece of machinery by her dentist father, combining her inherited attention to detail and fascination with fancy tools with finding an outlet for her love of precious materials and unusual imagery.

Ten years on, she has emerged from the workshop into the fore, with a definitive body of work which encompasses her self initiated study into the interstices of impressive and expressive form and something from the imagined and poetic fusing it into wearable objects for men and women alike. It is a question of carving, casting, and building up elements to make the final piece. To create a thing of beauty and curiosity for the wearer, to forge something out of nothing; articulating the violent necessity of nature, the force by which we live.

Epoch 5 “Strange Volitions”: Combining the sensory fragility of the eye with the pronged physicality of the material, Epoch 5 explores the fragile relationship between the human and inanimate. Commenting on the eye as both a symbol of intelligence and femininity, the Protagon Collection draws on a rich history of ocular symbolism and iconography. Denoting protection, cover and guidance the eyes are also redolent of the early twentieth century surrealists, inducing feelings of peculiar disembodiment and detachment. Geological structures in the form of precious mineral clusters crystalize the natural environment and provide a sharp physical alternative to the ethereal and sensory world of the eye.

In a collaboration with photographer Alexander Binder, a mutual passion for the abstract and surreal emerged, resulting in a series of intensely monochromatic, delicate images. Mixing dreamlike forms with the microscopic the series enhances Epoch 5′s relationship with both the sensory and the material.

















Info and images © Noemi Klein

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