Norm Architects x MS Yachtbau: tactile surfaces, natural materials and matte finishes

Norm Architects have created the interior architecture for the 70 foot “Bella” yacht, the first of the Y/Yachts model Y7 manufactured in Greifswald by Michael Schmidt Yachtbau.

Norm Architects’ approach to interior architecture, minimal aesthetics and materiality has been gracefully translated and applied to the yacht settings and restrictions of the Y/Yachts model Y7, bringing out a warm and exclusive feel through tactile surfaces, natural materials and matte finishes.  The craftsmanship of the walls, panels, lightning, detailing and furnishing beautifully harmonize together. 

The internal construction of the ship has been aligned, correcting the unnecessary to achieve a simpler framework, following the natural curves of the ship. Working with the large surfaces onboard to accomplish a warm and pleasant feel. With applied wood veneer and paper stone, architectural hardware in blackened steel, contrasts in the smooth and coarse-woven textiles, the chosen materials amplify each other through their textures. Colours are tone-on-tone for a subdued, moody setting. 

The lighting further emphasizes the calm and cosy settings, with subtle lamps built into shelves and cabinets. 

Beautifying details are found in the forms and high-quality craftsmanship of the built-in wooden elements. Doors inside the yacht are designed with seamless door frames as crisp details rather than disruptive elements.

The security requirements are met in style through elegant, built-in furniture that appears unfixed, to offer a homely feel, ultimately accomplishing an understated luxury.

Design and info © Norm Architects

Images © Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen

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