NS residence maximises the feeling of continuity and expansion of space

The NS residence design blurs the distinction between interior and exterior, an important aspect of modern architecture, and maximises the feeling of continuity and expansion of space. Ground floor, comprising a kitchen, service room, pantry, guest rest rooms, a dining area and living room, is open on both ends and creates an unobstructed view of both sides of the lawn. A pergola with wood beams that continue the entrance ceiling, a choice of identical floor wood tiles both for interior and exterior and a concrete wall that defines both the inside and outside living areas, further enhances the feeling of openness. Upper, bedrooms floor is a wide box, supported by a bare concrete wall on one side and a wood panelled wall on the other, outlining and defining the entrance floor space. Designing of the construction for the house posted a special challenge to the engineers, which solved it by suspending the upper box structure from concrete beams like a bridge over the ground floor, eliminating any supports which might obstruct the continuity of space.









Info and images © Blatman-Cohen Architects

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