Patient Room 2020 Prototype

On July 15, 2013, NXT Health, along with over 30 industry partners, opened a full-scale prototype of the Patient Room 2020 at the DuPont™ Corian® Design Studio in NYC. Now transformed from a virtual rendering to a physical space, Patient Room 2020 provides a platform for design professionals to collaborate with industry partners, healthcare providers and thought leaders in order to generate comprehensive design solutions. Developed in NXT Health’s multidisciplinary Fellowship Program, and expanding upon the more than 6 years of design and research into inpatient care environments, the design addresses many challenges faced by patients and caregivers in healthcare environments. Some of these include patient and staff safety, engagement and empowerment in care process, quality of care, and efficiencies in work processes.

 The 400 square feet prototype features five key components from the conceptual design, including the Patient Ribbon, Patient Companion, Open Bathroom, Caregiver Workstation and Caregiver Hub.

  • Patient Ribbon: collects many of the disparate elements commonly found in healthcare environments into a single, streamlined, patient-centered design response that encompasses headwall to footwall
  • Patient Companion: combines two ubiquitous elements, an overbed table and a touchscreen tablet, to form a single piece of mobile furniture that could be utilized in a wide range of healthcare settings.
  • Open Bathroom: adaptable bathroom concept that features a sliding door system which can be reconfigured based on care needs
  • Caregiver Station: entry workstation featuring integrated handwashing indicator lights, concealed accessories and RFID enclosure.
  • Caregiver Hub: deployable bedside work area with embedded technology, simulated UV light sanitization and wireless device charging stations.













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