Patrik Schumacher [Zaha Hadid]: special guest Dynamic Fields (Romania,16-29 July)

Parametrica [Digi Fab School] from Bucharest, Romania, invites you to DYNAMIC FIELDS Workshop and Conference (16 – 29 July to participate in the digital design build project, seeking to create an inventive collaborative environment. The workshop is part of a series of PARAMETRICA events, promoting computational design thinking and exploring the new possibilities of parametric design.

The workshop is aimed at: students, postgraduates, architects, interior, product and urban designers, engineers, anybody interested.

> WORKSHOP CONCEPT (16th – 28th July 2013) <

The future of structures lies in their ability to utilize and respond to the energy which exists in the environment surrounding them. In this 14 day workshop the various energy fields which exist in a given environment will be identified, analyzed and then simulated, after which experimental structures will be generated and fabricated such that their performance will act as a continuous real-time response to these environmental parameters.

> CONFERENCE CONCEPT (29th July 2013) <

During this day we will present the final workshop projects and our special guest, Patrik Schumacher will exploit the subject of computational design thinking and parametric architecture.


The workshop objectives are two-fold, in the first phase the workshop focuses on the identification and analysis of resources inherent to the environmental context, thus developing a better understanding of their nature as well as optimized methods of use or response. In the next phase, the objective is to generate structures which through either means of fabrication or material properties can respond to, or utilize the environmental energy sources.




Conference lecturer:
Director, Zaha Hadid Architects, London; Dr Phil, Dip Ing, ARB, RIBA and Founder AA Design Reseach Lab London





Lecturer: Ina Leonte (RO)
PhDc, teaching assistant (UAUIM, Bucharest, Romania) and Co-founder, Zest






HOOMAN TALEBI [IR] MArch (AADRL, London), MSc (AUT, Tehran) and Lead Designer, Zaha Hadid – London







ARIAN HAKIMI NEJAD [IR] MAA 2010 – Architect/Urban Designer (IaaC-UPC, Barcelona, Spain), Digital Fabrication & parametric design expert and Tutor, Parametrica




FARSHAD MEHDI’ZADEH [IR] MArch (IaaC-UPC, Barcelona, Spain) and  Co-founder, Tehran Architecture Studio (Iran)






MOHSEN MARIZAD [IR] MAA 2010 – Architect (IaaC-UPC, Barcelona, Spain) and Parametric design expert




Workshop coordinator and assistant:


Diana Nitreanu (RO)
MAA 2010 – Architect/Urban Designer (IaaC-UPC, Barcelona, Spain), Official Rhino Trainer,Co-founder, Laboratorul de Arhitectura; Co-founder & Tutor, Parametrica


Each participant must provide their own laptop with the following software installed: A. Rhinoceros 3D 5.0 B. Grasshopper 3D (Latest Version) C. Arduino

Machines to work on: 1. Laser Cutter – small laser for prototyping 2. Big laser cutter for final production. Materials (provided by Parametrica [digi fab school]) – To be specified according to the subject of study for each group;


WEEK 1 WORKSHOP (16th-21th July, from 8am – 6pm)
Audience: 50 participants

Workshop introduction
Mid Presentation
Critic Desk
Rhino Introduction
Grasshopper Introduction

WEEK 2 WORKSHOP (22th-28th July, from 8am – 6pm)
Audience: 50 participants

Fabrication Techniques
Desk Critics
Q&A with Patrick Schumacher
Final Presentation
Patrick Schumacher (lecture and open debate), 29th July
Projects Exhibition


Lecture – Early bird 50 EUR (until 31st May), Late bird 75 EUR (until 26th of July). Lecture prices include presentations, food & drinks.
Workshop – Early bird 200 EUR (until 31st May), Late bird 300 EUR (until 26th of July). Workshop prices include lecture access, workshop materials,drinks.

The prices DO NOT INCLUDE VAT! For more info, visit: To book your seat, please register at:

All info courtesy of Parametrica [Digi Fab School]


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