PHILLIP K SMITH III: Reflection Field

Artist Phillip K. Smith, III has launched “Reflection Field”, his largest light installation to date in Indio, CA on April 11, 2014. “Reflection Field” is a monumental installation that consists of five freestanding volumes of light and mirror scaled as large as 18 feet high and 17 feet wide. In this installation the series of objects are arranged to span a diameter of 100 feet. “Reflection Field” combines the concepts of Lucid Stead, with the paced, color merging of his “Lightworks” series and his recent exhibition at the Museum of Art and History in Lancaster, CA. By day, the monolithic mirrored volumes of “Reflection Field” are prisms of earth and sky, wrapped by the surrounding environment. By night, they become expansive fields of color that blend and layer through echoes of reflection. Spaces become simultaneously infinite and finite, while hues push and pull, saturating and dissolving the surroundings and periphery into pure color.













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