R House rehabilitation by Studio 1408

R House is located in Bucharest in an old residential neighborhood where buildings date mostly from the 30′s and the 40′s. A big part of those buildings haven’t been renovated or rehabilitated yet. The client had a vision which has materialized. He bought a house built in the early 40′s, with a semi-basement and 2 floors, having a footprint of only 38 sq m and a courtyard of 100 sq m. The concept worked – why buy an apartment with 3 rooms when you can own a house in the center of Bucharest with a planted courtyard?

The rehabilitation project was a detailed one, the consolidation of the old construction took most of the time and effort. The building has the capacity and functionality limited to one young couple, concept more and more attractive these days. The original volume is “dressed” in satin white metal and it’s highlighted by the black frames which extrude from the facade plane accentuating the composition. The architectural elements that compose the ground floor terrace complete the volumetric makeup through linearity and contrast. This covered space offers an intimate setting and has the quality of being close to nature.

Probably the most attractive aspect of the design is the natural element, represented by Iroko wood, used on both access volumes. The interior spaces are joined by the spiral staircase which is described by the “floating” steps and minimal handrail that illuminates the central concrete element.

The kitchen in located at the semi-basement and it presents white volumes in contrast to the warm texture of natural wood. The clean metal structure, which replaces a median wall, centers the island and offers a sense of safety. Also at this level there is a space for the washing and drying machine. The ground floor is dedicated to relaxation and social activities.

The way the first floor was designed is less conventional, initial spaces weren’t big enough to fit a big shower so it was placed in the bedroom, so to speak. The second floor terrace offers great view at sunset.
















Info and images courtesy of Studio 1408

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  1. says: Gigi

    why buy an apartment with 3 rooms when you can own a house with 1 bedroom in the center of Bucharest with a planted courtyard?

    A footprint of 38sqm? Really? Climb 2 floors to use a bathroom? For that young couple it’s a must not to have children or they have to sell the house once they have one.

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