Rainbow Chapel explores the endless possibilities of glass

The endless possibilities of glass were again explored and showcased in the design of the Rainbow Chapel – a round wedding space, covering 390 square meters, enclosed by glass panels painted in vivid, yet translucent colours, creating a surreal light that perfectly suits this type of celebrations. The façade pattern is made of 3060 elements using 65 different colours and the semi-transparent kaleidoscope windows of 6.8 meters in height give the Rainbow Chapel a happy vibe, moreover increasing the charm of the place. Set inside a square, semi-open frame, the round shaped chapel alludes to the infinite nature of the connections made inside this place. The two basic shapes: square and circle are fundamental to Chinese symbolism, the circle representing fullness and unity, while the square stands as a symbol of honesty and virtue; when combined they lend a sense of perfection and provide the place with good-luck.

The water passage surrounding the chapel somehow makes the transition from reality to the dreamlike world inside. Once visitors step into the chapel, they see an elegant and timeless interior, filled with light piercing through the colour matched kaleidoscope windows; the chapel is brought to life as lighting changes inside when the sun moves around the structure.














Info and images © COORDINATION ASIA

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