raw edges create a colourful dialogue with monochrome sculptures

When English stately home Chatsworth House commissioned raw edges to create a piece inside its 19th century sculpture gallery as part of an exhibition of seat furniture named «Make Yourself Comfortable» at Chatsworth – they thought it would be a great opportunity to apply Endgrain. As soon as they saw the sculpture gallery they were fascinated by the idea if introducing colour to the space in order to create a dialogue with its monochrome sculptures and interior. The green and red pigments were chosen to relate to the mosaics that can be seen on the plinths in the gallery.

The idea behind ‘Endgrain’ is to harness the grain of the wood in order to carry dye right the way through sections of timber. Blocks dyed in different pigments are then glued together with the grains facing vertically to create three-dimensional patterns – then shaped with a computer numerically controlled (CNC) machine. ‘Endgrain’ is therefore a process that starts very crafty and ends quite industrial.








Info and images © raw edges

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