Repair- Recycle- Reuse: Ephemeral installation and window display

The main element used for this display by Susana Piquer (multidisciplinary designer, focused on interior design and ephemeral architecture; working as a freelance under the moniker colapso, and co-founder of studio (fos)) is recycled cardboard, the same one used to carry and store Nudie Jeans. Following one of the main concepts of the brand: repair- recycle- reuse; over 100 cardboard boxes have been used. Every piece of cardboard is cut and assembled by hand, one by one, making all of them unique. The rips and creases come to life. Each window displays a distinct pair of jean, of real costumers, which explains a different story, its own story. The windows are used as a blackboard, and found written the jean model, the age of it, and what they have experienced during this time.









Designer: Susana Piquer

Photography: Maud Sophie

Info and images © Susana Piquer

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