Rest Hole at the University of Seoul by UTAA

The first floor of the dormitory in University of Seoul was originally an empty parking lot. An area enclosed by columns that supported the main office of the building, people would use the area only for smoking and storing bikes. The place was far too dark and inefficient and further desperately needed to be remodeled. In collaboration, the architectural students of the University of Seoul (Lee Sang-myeong, Ha Ki-seong, Baek Jong-ho) and UTAA designed a solution that would become much more than a simple rest area.

The project was started in efforts to replace an empty area with a newly designed rest ‘hole’ that would serve as a place for people to enjoy themselves in relaxation. Prior to the renovation, the large columns that supported the structure would induce an unpleasant ‘heavy’ feeling to the structure; to lessen this, wooden panels were arranged to cover the columns and further improve the atmosphere by implementing a more fluid and spacious design. The spacing of the panels allows for light, sound, and air to smoothly pass and reinforces the concept of flexibility.














Info and images © UTAA

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