Ro House allows free circulation and reinterprets the courtyard garden

The lot is located in a gated community with special regulations, capricious, irregular and square, it generates setback areas on all sides, allowing free circulation and the reinterpretation of the courtyard garden idea. The topographic characteristics at the edge of a ravine, along with the architectural program allow to develop a distribution that clearly separates the public and private program.

The house is designed on two levels. The upper level (access level) rises 60 cm from the street level giving the feeling of airiness and spaciousness. This small gesture makes the facade to be perceived as a single level, highlighting the horizontality and length of the lot. At this access level are the services, garages, painting studio and a terrace. The materiality of this body, mostly made of exposed brick, confirms on the facades the separation between public – private; through the arrangement of bricks, lattice walls are created, allowing the passing of light and revealing different views and different atmospheres.

On the ground floor there are the bedrooms, lounge, kitchen, TV studio, which located around a central garden, frame the existing interior-exterior relationship in all spaces.









Info and images © Alexanderson Arquitectos

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