Roderick Vos Studio Showroom

Yellow Trace: “Part workplace and part store, this design forward showroom is located in ‘s-Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch), a small town outside of Eindhoven, and is full to the brim with products exclusively designed by Roderick himself. One of Vos’ most recent products is the ‘Bucketlight’ hanging plant fixture – a series of cast aluminium lamp housings which incorporate overhead lighting and plug sockets for a space-saving approach to adding greenery to the office.”

“The entire showroom space is nothing short of breathtaking – from the highly sculptural circular staircase with cut-outs in the risers, to the generous amount of green coverage via the Bucketlights and the lush vertical green wall. Vos and his wife Claire felt it was important to create a user-friendly showroom so the products could be seen together and in use. To Roderick Vos, a well designed product should have a memorable process for the designer, and become meaningful for it’s user.”











Images © Roderick Vos

Info via Yellow Trace

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