Science of the senses by Alchemy

Alchemy is a Romanian avant-garde high end fashion label, based in Bucharest. The edgy cuts and unique design give a new perspective to men’s apparel. All the elements create a powerful sophisticated image.

“Science of the senses” is a pre-fall collection that centers on this way of discovering reality. The designers tapped into their senses and rediscovered textures, shapes and layers, just in time to create 20 ready to wear outfits. The textures used for the collection are natural fibers, lime, cotton, jersey, eco leather with metal garments and the dominant color is black.

For this season they suggest that you leave the common perception behind and join them in a game of textures, shapes and layers, and create that edgy cuts and daring shapes that will give you a primal and yet sophisticated look. And as the senses combine and add up layer by layer in creating your image of reality, they allowed each of their creations to sit on top of each other, creating the possibility of a multilayered styling – perfect for those who have an avant-garde approach on life.















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63 Popa Tatu Street, Bucharest, Romania

+40 (727) 176660

Info and images courtesy of Alchemy

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