SH House by BaksvanWengerden Architecten

BaksvanWengerden has completed the SH House, an enlargement to an existing house in a village between Haarlem and the north sea coast, in Bentveld, The Netherlands. Constructed in 1932, the existing, masonry exterior is topped with a gable roof with overhanging eaves. Appearing to continue the slope of the pitched roof, the angled sidewalls of the concrete intervention form a triangular section when viewed from the yard.

The original interior was very dark and enclosed due to a compartmental organization which separated functions. Removal of the internal partitions created an open floor plan which directs views towards the garden, framed by the light grey walls of the porch at the rear of the dwelling. The extension is realised in splayed concrete. The absence of details strengthens its shape. The straight run stairway acts as a backbone to the living arrangement, connecting the first floor and attic to the ground level and lush garden.







Info and images © BaksvanWengerden

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