Sleeed by Centimeter Studio

Seoul based service & product design innovation consulting firm Centimeter Studio has launched an innovative horizontal nesting chair ‘Sleeed’ inspired by sled (a snow mobile). Workers in public spaces and convention rooms no longer need to lift chairs up for cleaning after use. Because, Sleeed has legs shaped like an edge of sled, it slides smoothly when it is pushed for stack. In addition, unlike conventional chairs, the ‘Sleeed’ maximise its living space by storing more chairs than the number of table’s planes. By using a single mold process to produce ‘Sleeed’, it increased an effectiveness of production and bring satisfaction to both people who sit on and who oprate them.

Minsoo Vince Choi, Chief Executive Officer & Head Designer of Centimeter Studio, designed Sleeed based on personal philosophy and beliefs. “The way people using product has always caught my eye” said Minsoo. He has seen various spaces where people sit on stacking chairs including schools, hospitals, airports, canteens, restaurants, arenas, hotels, as well as homes. “I’m interested in not only how a product looks and feels, but how it performs and functions.” Minsoo designed Sleeed’s stackable feature to save more space and make transporting to another space way easier than any other chairs in market.

Youngjun Yakup Yi, Executive Vice President & Strategy Director, introduced Sleeed with the promise of efficiency, comfort and ease of use. “Centimeter Studio is created by a multidisciplinary team of thinkers who had a different vision of how to run a design studio.” said Youngjun. “Sleeed is Centimeter Studio’s first product which exemplifies our approaches and philosophy; ‘Design that strategically improves business performance’. Centimeter Studio’s spirit drives us to continually discover better ways to pioneer new approaches to solving business problems. Our service & product is all about enhancing and optimizing business performance through design.”

Centimeter Studio’s Sleeed is a resistant, lightweight and functional chair which is horizontally stackable by pushing it one to another. The outside edge of chair frame makes Sleeed piled well and gives tension on the side. In addition,  the integral plastic frame makes Sleeed not only more efficiently stackable in regards to space between each chairs but also cost-effective by simplifying production process. As a matter of fact, Sleeed is available in versatile colours.

Centimeter Studio, a new breed design company providing product & service design innovation consultancy, designs brand, full product and service that helps its clients strategically and creatively enhance business performance internally and externally. Thus, Centimeter Studio promotes extremely collaborative works among manufacturers and service providers bringing together tailored fit product & service design and strategic planning to help business thrive. Based upon this criteria, Sleeed is exquisitely created to innovate on conventional stacking chairs for diverse businesses as the studio’s first own brand & product. Centimeter Studio officially launched Sleeed at Temporary Museum for New Design 2014 in Milan organized by Superstudio Group during 2014 Milan Design Week, promoting initial sales of the units to world-wide market.



Info and images © Centimeter Studio

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