SPGBK Wood Watches

SPGBK was founded in early 2013 with the idea of establishing a modern watch brand that provides fashion pioneers with affordable and high quality watches. Launched by Two Fraternity brothers and childhood friends from North Carolina, their idea surfaced while looking for a cool watch to wear on the beach during college Spring Break that was moderately priced and stood out. In the following years, the two decided to embark on their idea and provide watch fanatics & people that enjoy contemporary accessories with a better watch and one that we all deserve. A watch that is more innovative, more awesome, and more eco-friendly.

The company’s name was derived by the owners’ passion for education and learning, and considering their positive experiences while in school, they wanted their brand to be college themed. They also feel that their wood watches appeal to the mass market and modern culture, so they abbreviated the “Springbreak” name and came up with the official logo of SPGBK.

SPGBK call’s their wood watch “The Prius of Watches” because it’s essentially a hybrid watch with environmental benefits, but still stylish and enjoyable to wear. All of the watches are made from recycled maple wood, which makes them biodegradable, sustainable, and more appealing than your average watch.






Info and images courtesy of SPGBK

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