Surround is a colourful, vibrant and engaging space full of quirky design features

Primarily a chic burger joint, with other indulgent quality foods, the interior design of Surround is colourful, vibrant and an engaging space full of quirky design features.

H2R Design‘s aim was to create a fun and playful space with sophistication for the foodies of Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) to gather, have great food and to celebrate life together.

They focused on making Surround a spirited playground for adults, whilst retaining the elegant side. This can be seen in the wall grid, taking one back to school graph paper, with quirky sketches and doodles that create a nostalgic language.

The bold colours were influenced by the original branding, in pinks and greens. The designers aimed to develop the identity of Surround holistically between the brand identity and the location. The space encourages each visitor to use it differently, as if it were an adult recess area where guests can sit in a big group, as a pair or as an individual.

Design, info and images © H2R Design

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