Syzygy: aesthetically viable designs in solid brass & copper

Syzygy is a lifestyle brand offering timeless classic products with a unique character of modernity. Launching its debut collection at London Design Festival 2016, Syzygy explores the idea of authenticity & memory to create products for everyday living in sync with human life, environment and our ever changing habits.

The strategically and meaningfully designed collections lay special focus on authentic high quality materials, production techniques and arresting aesthetics with an honest expression of individuality. The products are ordinary objects made extraordinary with a sense of familiarity, versatility, adaptability & flexibility.

With a heart of supporting elevated uncomplicated living, Syzygy intents to foray into collections of diverse nature with simple yet functional designs that commands trust to furnish all needs of a lifestyle.

The debut collection of Syzygy features decorative & utility table wares and a set of candle holders. An assortment of aesthetically viable designs is casted in solid brass & copper and finished to highest of quality, for dynamic needs of people.

With a salient form and authentic material, the collection defies time and space by proving its applicability in private as well as commercial spaces. The products unites modern beauty with traditional craftsmanship using premium materials which highlight natural colors and textures. The motivation for the collection came from creating a set of products which have a vast adoption & also act as pieces of decor providing an impression of luxury.

An 8 piece line which comprises of a plate, a dish, a can, 2 pots along with a pair of candlesticks and a candelabrum finds their usage, solo as well as a collective.

The decision on brass & copper as a material of choice was taken to develop high quality design pieces which will last a lifetime and gets better with time & use. With natural patina developing on its surface, brass & copper becomes elegant and unique but can be brought back to its original state providing its user an individual choice of finish. In the candle holders set, use of statuario marble as a base elegantly compliment the metal finishes.





Info and images courtesy of Syzygy

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