The Biological House: When Modernism and Sustainability Meet

The era of giant big box homes is over. Modern homeowners are thinking outside the proverbial box and creating homes that are designed with maximum functionality and sustainable elements that will lower environmental impact. From shipping container homes to tiny homes and homes that are built from sustainable natural elements today’s homeowners want to combine the best elements of a comfortable home and natural materials to create a cohesive design that will provide a creatively inspiring retreat for family life.

Modern homes are no longer made up of tiny rooms that are dedicated to one purpose. Homeowners today do much more than just live at home and their spaces need to reflect that. Smart home designs that utilize cutting edge technology combined with fresh and natural accents and materials turn today’s homes into spaces that people can use to work, foster creativity, and enjoy quality family time while still minimizing their ecological footprint.

Crafting The Future With An Eye To The Past

In the new era of home design materials matter. Designers and homebuilders are actively looking for natural materials that are made with care but have the convenience and high functionality that are necessary for the modern world. From furniture to siding and from flooring to home décor the materials that go into building modern homes are crafted for the high tech modern world but made with the kind of care and eye for environmental sustainability that craftsmen used in the past. Today’s technology advancements have made it possible to create innovative home design products that seamlessly blend modern function with old world craftsmanship.

Interior Modern and Sustainable Design Elements

Modern family homes need to be able to look great and provide a sense of connection to the natural world while still providing space for multiple activities. The materials used need to be highly functional, beautiful, and durable. Since time is at a premium for many homeowners, especially those with families and demanding jobs, the items in their homes have be low maintenance. But they also need to serve the function of combining indoor and outdoor living.

One way that homeowners are bridging the indoor/outdoor gap is by using natural wood more in their homes. Wood paneling and wooden flooring and decking fell out of favor for a long time in home design because wood needed a lot of upkeep and was expensive to maintain and replace regularly. But modern design professionals and innovators have come up with modified wood that is beautiful and durable and doesn’t need the same kind of care and upkeep. This modified wood is the perfect choice of flooring for patios, decks, and indoor/outdoor spaces in the home because it looks like traditional flooring but won’t be damaged by exposure to the element. It continues the look and feel of interior flooring in outdoor spaces to create the blended living that today’s homeowners want.

Homeowners are also using hardwood plywood in their homes for everything from accenting walls to upgrading their kitchen cabinets, breakfast bars and kitchen islands. With gorgeous natural colors and affordable price hardwood plywood allows homeowners to create Instagram worthy design on a budget.

Furniture is another home element that homeowners are taking more seriously than ever before. Furniture that is made from sustainable raw materials and that has a classic look and feel that looks great through changing home décor looks is the first choice of today’s homeowners.

Amish living room furniture that has classic lines and is well crafted from sustainable materials is in high demand among homeowners. Quirky furniture trends are giving way to rustic and farmhouse style furniture that looks great in any home.

Outdoor Modern Sustainable Design Elements

Homeowners are upgrading the outside of their homes too. Vinyl or plastic siding is expensive and has to be replaced on a regular basis. It also doesn’t look great, especially on today’s modern home designs. That’s why homeowners are shifting to using other materials on the outsides of their homes. One of the most popular new outdoor design elements for homes is fiber cement siding. Fiber cement siding looks like natural wood so it has the whimsical and nostalgic look of homes from the past but it’s sustainably made. And it’s safer and more durable than wood or vinyl siding. It’s non flammable and doesn’t have to replaced regularly like vinyl siding. Homeowners who want to transform their older homes into homes that have vintage charm inside and out are choosing fiber cement siding.

Another sustainable siding option for homeowners that want to change the aesthetic of their homes, cut down their maintenance expenses, and give their home a warmer feel is steel log siding. Steel log siding gives any size home the look and feel of a traditional log cabin but uses materials that are sustainably produced, easy to maintain, and don’t have the same vulnerabilities to bugs, fire and other problems that wood has.




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