The Choy House features three homes under one roof

The client asked O’Neill Rose Architects to build a home for himself, his wife and two small children, his younger brother and his wife, and their mother—the matriarch of the family. Their challenge was to design three homes under one roof, in a neighbourhood of Queens which is defined by single family homes. They created three disparate dwellings with areas of connection and overlap that reflect the familial relationships. The narrow slice at the front creates a triplex for the married couple; the client and his family occupy the rest of the first and second floors. The lower level, which opens up to the sunken terraced garden, is where the grandmother lives. With front doors only a few feet from each other, the brothers live as neighbours, and all of the spaces connect through the lower level; the ground floor family room and the outdoor pavilion are primary gathering spaces for the whole family.










Info © O’Neill Rose Architects

Images © Michael Moran/OTTO

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