The essence of Curvature House lies behind the interplay of extremes that exist within

Office 313 were approached by a client that wanted to design an entertainment room adjacent to their house in Kuwait. This new entertainment room would be detached from the main house.

The essence of this project lies behind the interplay of extremes that exist within. Office 313’s strategy was to design a space that immerses its visitors in an environment that hosts an interplay of light and dark. By linking the indoor to the outdoor, it regulates the climate, as well as providing the guests with a harmonious living space.

Water features, landscaping and operable shading devices were also added to help regulate the arid climate. The project’s material palette consists of white-cast concrete, terrazzo, and natural stone. The resulting look is one of unity, coherence, and luxury.

Design and info © Office 313

Images © Mohammad Taqi

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