The flowing lines of Villa MQ unfold across five split-levels

This spacious villa is situated in Tremelo, on a large terrain surrounded by pines. The house was designed for a couple with two children. The flowing lines of the plan unfold across five split-levels.  The entrance of the house, which is half a level lower than street level, is reached by way of a slope within a concrete framework in an artificial landscape. Although the programs blend into each other, natural light provides a unique atmosphere at every level: the continuous dispersion of light on the curved walls emphasizes the impalpable framework. The sloping balustrade that consists of parabolic cables intensifies the interweaving of the different spaces. On the next level we find the kitchen, connected to the garden, and the slope towards the living room. An elongated cupola in the sloping ceiling/roof points the way to the highest zone, that of the children’s rooms.











Info © Office O architects

Images © Tim Van de Velde

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