The Living Points Structure by Ewa Sliwinska

Stability, fixedness, uniformity are terms which sum up one of the conventions in which ideas on designing jewelry tend to be rooted. A design by Ewa Sliwinska embraces its antithesis and a distinct creative vision. The protagonist of her project The Living Points Structure by Ewa Sliwinska is motion.

Jewelry objects of her design consist of dozens of steel cylinders placed on nylon thread. Once put on a body, they are secured thanks to elastic polyethylene strand.

The physics of the structure’s motion, inspired by the observation of fish schooling, was designed to emulate human moves. When a person makes calm, slight gestures, the object vibrates delicately, almost imperceptibly. Due to following, stronger impulses – walking, running, jumping – the amplitude and frequency of the vibrations of this multi-element structure intensify.

Info and Images courtesy of Ewa Sliwinska

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